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How to fine your ring size easily at home

You can easily find your ring size at home using a few simple methods.

Use a Printable Ring Sizer

Many jewelry stores offer printable ring sizer guides on their websites. You can download and print these guides, which typically include a set of rings in various sizes. Make sure the printed page is scaled correctly (usually, there’s a measurement guide to ensure accuracy), and then place one of your existing rings on the circles until you find the one that matches the inside diameter of your ring.

String or Paper Method

You’ll need a piece of string or a strip of paper and a ruler for this method.

  • Wrap the string or paper around the base of your finger where you intend to wear the ring.
  • Make sure it’s snug but not too tight.
  • Mark the spot where the string or paper overlaps.
  • Measure the length in millimeters using a ruler.
  • Use a ring size conversion chart (available online) to determine your size.

Use a Ring You Already Have

If you have a ring that fits your finger well, you can use it to find your ring size.

  • Place the ring on a piece of paper and trace the inside and outside of the ring.
  • Measure the diameter of the inside circle (where the ring sits) in millimeters.
  • Use a ring size chart to find your corresponding ring size.

Remember that your fingers might be slightly different sizes due to factors like time of day, temperature, and even weight fluctuations. It’s a good idea to measure your ring size at different times to get a more accurate measurement.

Keep in mind that these methods provide a rough estimate of your ring size. For the most accurate measurement, it’s always best to visit a jewelry store and have a professional measure your ring size using a set of physical ring sizers.

Ring Size Chart

All Hiphipiced rings are specified in US standard sizes. Check out the conversion chart to see how US sizing corresponds to finger circumference and how US sizing translates to Canada, Australia, UK and other countries.

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